5 Ways to Use Pinterest These Days

Pinterest has added all kinds of website analytics, which I should probably, at some point, spend some time figuring out. In the meantime, I use Pinterest daily to get inspired, access a visual representation of my personal style, and discover new content-makers around the web. Today I'm sharing five ways I use Pinterest these days.

1. Get a style snapshot by changing your view

If you check out someone's profile on Pinterest, the site directs you to their pinboards. But, if you click on their pins (or add/pins to their profile page address), you'll get a quick view of their most recent pins all jumbled together. I prefer this view so much because it gives me a quick snapshot of someone's style. Are they pinning a lot of recipes? Or interiors? Is their style rustic? Or trendy? Or eclectic? It's almost always easier to tell if you scroll through their recent pins rather than their individual inboards.

2. Periodically check in on your personal style

If you're feeling a little "stuck," creatively, or bummed out by your wardrobe or uninspired in general, ditch the Pinterest homepage and browse your own pins. I do this all the time. If I'm stuck on a Project Life layout or a design project, I hop over to my pins and start scrolling. It's a visual representation of my personal style, and it always reminds me of my design loves: white space, neutrals, natural elements, little pops of color, denim, hand-lettering, etc. Even though these images aren't my own, they were curated by me, which means they represent my style and interests. When I'm doubting myself, it's a great way for me to get back on track toward what I like.

3. Check out what's popular on your favorite websites

I love checking out what people are pinning from my favorite websites. To do this, go to pinterest.com/source/websitename.com (here's the GF page). It's just a different way to browse your favorite blogs, websites, and online shops. Click through for my favorite inspiration for clothinginteriors, and paper. It's like a curated, crowd-sourced way to check out popular content on your fave sites. And if you're checking out your favorite blogs this way, it's a great source for combing through the archives and digging up older (but great) content.

4. Keep track of gift ideas

I have a secret pinboard where I keep gift ideas for friends and family throughout the year. When birthdays, mother's day and Christmas roll around, I have a curated group of resources from around the internet from which I can easily shop for gifts. I just pin something I come across on a blog or shop online and put someone's name in the caption when I pin it. 

5. Don't forget to click through once in awhile

I'm guilty of pinning away and never actually clicking through the pins to find out the story behind the beautiful photo. Maybe you're someone who's always making recipes you found on Pinterest and building coffee tables and stuff, but I'm definitely not! I have to remind myself to click through and actually read some of the amazing content I'm aggregating on my pinboards. I've discovered new favorite recipes and even blogs to follow by clicking through on some of my pins.

If you're on Pinterest, I'd love to hear how you're using it these days! If you're not already following me, you should check out my pins.