Review of my ABM Happy Mail Subscription

Did you know that the team behind the mega-craft blog A Beautiful Mess released a monthly stationery subscription through Studio Calico last last year? I didn't until mid-January, at which point I decided to go ahead and invest in a year-long subscription. I thought it was worth it this year and would be a huge help for my 350 letters project. I received my second month's worth of stationery over the weekend, and I thought I'd share the contents and a few thoughts on the subscription.

It works really simply. I get billed for "Happy Mail" every month when my subscription ships. If you commit to a year, it's $15 a month. It costs $18 for a 6 month subscription or you can buy stand-alone kits for $20. My initial thoughts? It's a lot of product for $15. I couldn't believe it, and I think it's a fantastic value. Here's a peek at what I got this month, starting with the flat cards.

Both this month and last month, the bulk of the cards I received were flat. I'm a big fan of flat cards. They use half the paper, and they always seem less formal and like less of a commitment to me than a folded card. When I design correspondence stationery, it's always flat for those reasons. So, I'm a fan. The backs of the five cards pictured above are blank with a small logo.

There are two more flat cards in this month's shipment. One is a postcard. The lettering on this is gold foil and the back is a standard postcard layout. I love it. This one didn't come with an envelope because it's a postcard and doesn't need one!

One of the flat cards actually had a sentiment on the back. It's definitely a quick and easy way to send someone a little pick-me-up in the mail since there's almost no space to write. Fun colors, bright pink envelope. The illustration isn't quite as much my style, but I love the concept of jotting a one-line note on this and dropping it in the mail.

This month, only two of the cards were folded. That "I miss you" text is also gold foil and that card is blank inside. The "it's a date" card actually says "name the time and place!" I love how it's both specific and generic at the same time. 

So far, each monthly subscription has come with a couple of "extras," in addition to the stationery. The February haul includes two sets of stickers. I envision using the circular stickers to seal envelopes. I may use the word art stickers on envelopes or in the cards themselves or even for Project Life pages.

This month also included a pencil with metallic lettering (p.s. there are four more "shakes" as you turn it!). 

There's one last thing that came with February's subscription: this gorgeous, colorful, gold foil 8x10 inch print. Um, I love it.

It's already displayed in my office and it's not only a great reminder for us creative-types, but it's also a beautiful and bright contrast to the freezing tundra-like situation happening outside. 

That wraps up the kit contents for this month. January was very similar, in terms of extras, flat cards and folded cards. January's kit also included a fun print. You can see all of the January pieces HERE. So, what's the verdict? I'll tell you in terms of "goods" and "others," since I don't have any "cons" or negative things to share. 


I think the price is amazing. $15 for this much high-quality paper is astounding. I was so impressed with the paper quality, the variation of designs, and the extras (stickers, pencils, little notepads included in the January kit). Studio Calico produces these kits, and I've had a great experience with their products in the past. The Happy Mail definitely doesn't disappoint. I absolutely love the inclusion of gold foil throughout each collection. And one of my favorite things is the envelopes. They're self-adhesive!


In terms of the types of cards, there's a really nice variety, including plenty of "just because" cards, which I really appreciate. I'm sending so much mail this year, that I knew the subscription would be worth it, but I'd consider continuing it beyond this year because I think it would encourage and inspire me to keep sending letters.


Honestly, the only thing I'd say is that many of the designs aren't exactly my style, but I expected that. They're fun and bright and very A Beautiful Mess. If you aren't familiar, check out their blog, and check out Happy Mail if you're curious! This isn't sponsored, and I there's no affiliate links at all. I just wanted to share my thoughts in case you were considering taking the plunge.

Do you have any monthly subscriptions you'd recommend?