It's Never Too Late for a Fresh Start

Have you ever lost touch with an old friend and thought maybe too much time had passed to reach out? Maybe you were really close at one point or another and you moved away or got busy or had a couple of kids and you just drifted apart. 

It happens. And that first step can be the absolute hardest to take. Suddenly your legs feel like lead, and you have a pit in your stomach thinking about sending that text or email or making a phone call. 


This is such a real thing for me. I grew up in Southern California, attended college in the Midwest and grad school on the east coast before moving to San Diego. Two years later, I got married and began life as a military spouse, moving in 2005, 2008, 2011, 2014, and 2015/16. We are currently spending about two years living in Europe.

I've been in a near-constant state of change since I was seventeen years old. Saying goodbye to great friends has become normal. But even if you live in the same town for ages, life can just get busy, and the thought of going back to something you've neglected can be overwhelming.

But here's the thing: are you the kind of person who would embrace that friend if they called you out of the blue? Let's say there wasn't a major falling out - just life stuff. Wouldn't it be nice to know they were thinking of you, even if years had gone by? 

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creating a simple system for paper clutter

I'll spare you the gory details, but basically our snail mail was piling up on the little table we have in our tiny entryway and for ages, no one claimed responsibility. We pay almost all of our bills online, but somehow we still get a bunch of paper mail. I was grabbing catalogs when I wanted some reading material, and that's about it. In short, we'd accumulated a massive pile of unopened mail, and the time had come to deal with it. Here's what I did to tackle our incoming mail situation.

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in my closet | pt. 4 personal style

In case you missed it, I've been sharing my closet overhaul on the blog this month. You can read the first three posts here, here and here. Okay, here's the disclaimer: I'm not a fashion blogger and I don't know a whole lot about what's trending right now. I'm far more interested in style that fits me rather than style that fits the latest and greatest. And, oh by the way, I just had a baby, so I'm particularly out of the loop. Prior to doing this closet experiment, I'd have said that I don't really have a specific personal style. Over the last month, I started following my first fashion blog (this one) and paying attention to the things I love in my current wardrobe and the new things that appeal to me. It turns out I absolutely have a pretty specific personal style. I really wanted to try to define it so I could be more thoughtful about things I buy in the future.

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