A Simple Plan for Tackling Unfinished Projects

Perhaps you can relate to this.

There’s a source of irritation sitting on the bookcase in our family room, wrapped up in a set of three pretty, grey, cloth-bound binders. They’re my sons’ unfinished baby albums, and I get a pang of unease, even a feeling of guilt, when I see them.

Why? Because I know they're not totally finished. 

The other day I thought enough was enough, and I picked up the first album. It documents the first six months of our older son’s life in photos and journaling using Project Life.

As I flipped through those albums, I remembered why these projects matter to me. They bring me joy and remind me of how much life we’ve experienced together as a family - the ups and downs, the challenges we’ve overcome and blessings we’ve enjoyed.

Whether it’s an old baby album, an abandoned organization project in the playroom, or a couple bags of clothes you intend to give away taking up valuable real estate in your closet, there’s a reason you got started.

Whatever the project, it mattered to you at one point. The first thing you have to ask yourself is "Does it still matter that I finish this?"

It's time to make a decision so you can clear up the mental clutter and move on. In this post, you'll find a detailed plan to do just that.

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creating a simple system for paper clutter

I'll spare you the gory details, but basically our snail mail was piling up on the little table we have in our tiny entryway and for ages, no one claimed responsibility. We pay almost all of our bills online, but somehow we still get a bunch of paper mail. I was grabbing catalogs when I wanted some reading material, and that's about it. In short, we'd accumulated a massive pile of unopened mail, and the time had come to deal with it. Here's what I did to tackle our incoming mail situation.

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get started | art journaling

Each month this year, I'm taking on a creative challenge. I originally intended to pursue something that I was already doing in more depth, but here we are in month two and I'm deviating from my plan. I followed along last year as Caylee and Lauren started the Get Messy art journal movement online, but I didn't participate. Honestly, I was pretty intimidated. I thought for sure this was something I couldn't do. And now that I've gotten started, I think the whole point of art journaling is that anyone can do it.

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