A Simple Project for Celebrating Lent

We usually celebrate the Lenten Season by choosing something to abstain from for the six-or-so weeks leading up to Easter. As a high school student I can remember giving up these (they were a post-swim practice favorite from the quad vending machine!). As an adult, I've given up everything from soda to sleeping in past a certain time in the morning. I'm still not exactly sure what I'll deny myself this year (better get on that, since it starts tomorrow...), but I'm looking forward to this time of reflection and preparation. And this year, I'm being a bit more intentional about it. I'm putting together a really simple little project using mostly things I had on-hand.

I got a copy of this lent devotional from the Naptime Diaries Print Shop. It's filled with brief scripture readings for each day of Lent (or any forty-day period, really). 

They're sold out of the hard copies, but if you're interested, you can still buy it digitally or you can check out something like this for free.

Maybe it's the cold weather, but I'm so looking forward to drawing a bit inward this season, settling into twenty-fifteen after the hustle and bustle of the new year and preparing for Easter celebrations and spring.

As I flipped through the devotional, I thought it would be really cool to somehow document this season. I'm doing it with just a few supplies I had on-hand: something to write with, some 3x4 grid cards I bought ages ago, and some glitter twine we have in our wrapping stash. I was actually inspired to do this because I saw these mini-clothespins at Michaels the other day on clearance. Less than $2 for 30 of them - done and done. So I'm using the pins as well.

My plan is just to write one verse or a few words from my scripture reading that day on a card, pin it to the line and watch it grow. For now, I'm hanging it in our family room.

On the back of the first card, I'm writing down what Nick and I are each giving up for the season.

I'm not sure what I'll do with these in the end. Maybe add them to a mini-album? Maybe keep them for next year? I'm not too concerned about it. Mostly, I'm just looking forward to when all the cards are filled and the snow is starting to thaw (hopefully!).

If you celebrate Easter or Passover, do you do anything special to prepare?