creative kickstart

Hi friends! Need a creative kickstart? Here are a few ideas that are working for me. 

MAKE a pinboard specific to this year. Keep it a secret (or don't). Here's mine.

SEND a little note to someone. Get creative by jotting it on whatever paper is nearby.

LISTEN to this interview with Tina Roth Eisenberg. Good stuff.

READ this blog post on starting small over at Braid Creative.

WATCH this documentary on Netflix. Particle physics as art? It blew my mind.

JAM to this song. If you're not a TS fan, then sorry about that. But it's in my head and I love it.

DOWNLOAD your camera + phone pics onto your computer if you haven't done so recently.

CREATE a simple little album documenting your holiday season. Love this as inspiration.

WRITE down three things that would make today great. Now go and do them.

What are you creating these days? What's inspiring you?