december daily planner printable

This year I've committed to completing a December Daily mini-album. The project was started (and, I believe, trademarked) by Ali Edwards. Essentially, the final product is a little album of memorabilia, photos and journaling about the month of December. People create albums in different sizes with different materials, but the gist is that you create a layout or a page documenting 25 December days.

I've wanted to do this for a few years and have never gotten around to it. Well, this is the year. I'm using the Paislee Press digital kit, which you can find HERE. It's beautiful, simple and I can't wait to start getting the layouts put together.

I thought it would be helpful to have a way to keep track of what I plan to document as we go through the month, so I put together a little planner - just one sheet - which is taped to the wall in my office. It's also a reminder to take meaningful photos and it'll provide a really simple framework when I sit down to create the individual layouts. 

If you'd like to check out the planner, click HERE to download it for FREE!

Happy December, friends!