dates to remember print

This design-it-yourself project is a total breeze and a great little conversation piece. Here's what I used to create ours:

  • font for the dates: Bebas Neue (available HERE)
  • font for the locations: similar free font is Sina Nova (available HERE)
  • a piece of white cardstock
  • a 5x7 inch frame

If you're not sure how to download and install free fonts, THIS tutorial will walk you through it. To recreate my dates to remember artwork, just use Bebas Neue (size 73 pt) for the dates and Sina Nova for the locations.

Center all of the text and adjust the sizes of the fonts so they fit in the frame you're using (mine is a 5x7). I designed my artwork in Photoshop, but you could also use a word processing program.

I found the frame at Target and I printed the artwork on some white card stock on my home printer. 

Our important dates are the day we met, got engaged, got married, found out we were pregnant and Ben's birthday. What important dates would you include?