DIY design | last-minute costume

I actually put this costume together for Ben last week because we had a pre-Halloween event to attend, so not really last-minute for me this year. But I did it in one afternoon. So if you're still stuck (or if your toddler refuses to wear the lion or koala costume you bought online!), this may be the costume for you.

The crafty portion took about 10 minutes, and I think you could put it together with items from around the house. I'm not a big sewer or crafter in general, and I had a hard time finding a Mickey costume I liked for a toddler boy, so I decided to just figure it out with as little sewing as possible. 

Here's what you need to recreate the costume (listed below the photo):

  • a set of Mickey ears (either made by you or purchased)
  • black pants
  • black, white, yellow or red shoes and socks
  • red shorts
  • or
  • sweatpants or leggings you're willing to alter
  • a black, red or white long-sleeved top (or some combination of those colors)

The idea began with the Mickey hat my Mom bought for Ben at Disneyland in the spring. He's suddenly very interested in wearing them, so I thought the Mickey thing could work this year.

The shirt.

I had a plain black long-sleeved shirt, but I also loved these striped options. The sweater might be what he wears on Halloween if it's really cold. The stripes aren't traditional "Mickey," but they add a little something playful to the look.

The pants.

I bought some black leggings for $5.00 in the girls section at Old Navy and I used some black socks to give the base layer a simple, uniform look since I knew he'd have the red shorts on over the pants.

The red shorts and "buttons."

I bought another pair of leggings in red, two sizes too big, and just cut them off where I wanted them. I cut the "buttons" out of an old white t-shirt.

The DIY part.

I adhered the fabric buttons using Stitch Witchery, which I cut to size and then affixed with an iron. Hello, no sewing! Of course you could sew them on or use duct tape, safety pins, glue. Whatever. Just get those buttons stuck on those shorts!

The shoes.

My friend Lacy has four kids, so of course she happened to have the perfect pair of shoes in the perfect size! I borrowed a pair of high top Converse from her, but you could use any pair of black, yellow, white or red shoes.

It's not a perfect, store-bought Mickey costume. We don't have gloves or the yellow shoes. But I love how it all came together and I really love the striped shirt. And let's be honest: he looks pretty darn sweet with his Minnie! Trick-or-treat and Happy Halloween!