DIY design | photo mat

Our photo wall used to be a simple grid of black and white photos in large black gallery frames. But over Christmas, I decided our walls downstairs needed an overhaul, so I borrowed a couple of the gallery frames for other spots around the house, which necessitated an update of our family room photo wall. Now it's a mix of frames, sizes, photo ledges, prints and pictures. 

I had a 5x7 frame to fill, but I was too impatient to get a print to fill it, so I improvised with a 4x6 family shot. I taped the photo onto a piece of black and white striped paper.

I made sure the striped paper was large enough to cover the opening, and now it creates a little mat and adds some interest.

I liked how the frame looked so much that I never ended up ordering that 5x7 print!


All of the frames on our wall are from TargetPottery Barn and Ikea. The ledges are from Ikea. This project is part of a series on complete, my one little word for twenty-thirteen. You can read more about it HERE.