DIY mother's day photo gifts

Earlier this week I ventured out to Target for the first time in a month. Can I just say WOW. So many new products, so much fun spring color, so exhausting with two little guys! I managed to check out with a few goodies for "the moms" (and nothing new for myself).

I'm glad I got some fun gifts, but I really wanted to do something a bit more personal for Mother's Day. I was inspired by these beauties over at Pinhole Press to put together something thoughtful and beautifully packaged, so I designed a simple photo project that I'll deliver to several special ladies this weekend. 

I'm always promising my mom that I'll send her photos, but I never seem to get around to it. Well, for Mother's Day I finally decided to follow through. I edited and printed a ton of recent photos - of the kids, of us with the kids, of my mom, aunt and grandma with the kids, etc. I'm also sending some printed to photos to my grandma and some other women in my life.

Since this is a gift, I wanted the presentation to be pretty. Here's what I used inside the box (although all you really need is a bunch of photos): 

- a photo with text added in Photoshop (or a Sharpie!)

- gold metallic twine I picked up at Anthropologie over the holidays

- a bunch of recent family photos (all 4x6)

- a sheet of white wrapping tissue

- washi tape

To assemble everything, I wrapped up the photos with twine, folded them in the tissue and secured it all with a piece of washi tape. Voila! A pretty little package of goodness.

For the outside of the box, I created a 4x6 "card" in Photoshop, which I just printed on photo paper along with the rest of the pictures. I stuck it to the lid of the box using some two-sided adhesive.

We only had a few of those kraft boxes, so I packaged some smaller stacks of photos in these kraft envelopes. You can find similar envelopes HERE. I think the envelopes look just as darling as the boxes!

Did you make or design anything for Mother's Day this year? Have you ever received any really memorable gifts for Mother's Day? If you're celebrating this weekend, I wish you the best! Happy Mother's Day, friends!