Documenting Baby Number Two

In putting together Owen's project life baby album, I've noticed a glaring disparity between the number of photos I took of Ben and Owen at this age.

There's certainly an explanation for why I have exponentially more pictures of baby number one.

Where I had nothing else to do but stare at baby Benjamin and fill my iPhone with thousands of shots of him smiling, sleeping, crying, rolling over, and staring at me, Owen often hangs out in a bouncy seat or on a blanket, perfectly content to observe the world around him (without a camera or phone in his face) while I do dishes, work, check email and help his brother get dressed, go potty, or set up a train track. 

It's really, really different.

But this weekend, I finally got my act together and roasted and pureed some sweet potatoes (kid has been hungry), and Nick and I sat down during Ben's nap and fed Owen for the first time.

I charged the DSLR and snapped away, playing with the manual setting, taking videos, messing around with the focus, and just enjoying the moment.

We had so much fun with our little photo shoot, and I absolutely love the pictures and videos I have from his first experience with real food. I attempted some rice cereal a couple weeks ago, which did not go over well, but the sweet potatoes were a big hit. 

I even have the pictures to prove it.