local luxury | the joy of produce

Last month Catherine wrote about her 2012 goal of planning weekly meals (check out Catherine’s post HERE). While not one of my aspirations for the year, I downloaded the FILE she put together and planned a week of meals for our family.

One of the more exciting parts of “shopping” for the required ingredients was the process of logging on to our CSA’s (Community Supported Agriculture) website to pick the fruits and vegetables I would have delivered this week. During our local farmer’s market’s off-season, my husband and I order produce through EATING WITH THE SEASONS. The benefit to this particular CSA is that we get to select the produce we prefer, and our chosen items are delivered in a brown paper bag to my husband’s office weekly. 

There’s nothing quite like loading the refrigerator with gorgeous, locally grown fruits and vegetables. Can produce be a luxury? Absolutely.

Looking for a CSA local to you? Go to LOCAL HARVEST, type in your zip code, and start exploring!
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