rectangles + dots

Hello to our loyal (the few, the proud) readers! Greetings from small-baby-lots-of-travel-I'm-a-full-time-mom land. We had dinner with a dear friend (that's you, Stephanie) a few nights ago and she totally called me out on the lack of blogging: "No posts since Valentine's Day!" Well, I had no idea some of you were actually reading, so I humbly apologize for my absence.

J and I have been working on something really exciting for our little company. Over the last few weeks of brainstorming sessions, meetings and phone calls, we've made a push to get back to basics.

I've always had an interest in stationery, paper goods and great design. But I'm self-taught. Even after five years, I know a fraction of what there is to know about the software available to professional graphic designers. The thing is, when its broken down, a lot of beautiful design is really simple. So let's try an experiment to illustrate the point.

You're designing a folded card, but you can only work with these objects: a few rectangles and a series of dots.

You can use any of these objects more than once or not at all (i.e. you could just use the large rectangle and nothing else). You can change colors, placement of objects, size of the objects.

Additionally, you must incorporate this text (any color, any size) into your design:

There are an infinite number of possibilities. I'll send a free card to the first five people who email their idea to Sketch it on paper and snap a pic. Draw it using objects in PowerPoint. You could probably even do this in MS Word or Apple's Pages. Grab your kid's crayons and put something together. The worst that can happen is you get a free card. 

Your deadline is Wednesday, April 25th at 10 pm Pacific Standard Time. On Thursday, I'll post results and my own take on the challenge. Happy designing!
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