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This week we've been talking about invitations: playful baby shower invites, formal wedding suites, and invitation inspiration. Today I'm sharing with you an easy (and cheap!) DIY project for a really fun, casual invitation - no fancy software necessary! This can be adapted to just about anything: happy hour with friends, a block party, a sip and see for a new baby or even a holiday open house. Read on for instructions and printables. The example I'm using is an invitation to enjoy cupcakes in the park for a weekday birthday.

Step 1: PRINT // I created a simple invitation using a table in a word processing program and printed it on plain old computer paper. You can download the printable HERE (Note: if you don't have the font "Memo," you may be prompted to substitute with something else). You should be able to open it in iWork Pages or Microsoft Word + change text and colors to suit your event. If you're having trouble downloading the file, please email me.

Step 2: TRIM // Cut the borders off of your invitation document so that you have 4 individual invites. Then, cut a piece of colorful cardstock in 4 segments (maybe more, if you're using a 12 x 12 sheet). My invite size ended up at about 3 3/4 inches x 4 5/8 inches, so I trimmed my cardstock to 4 3/4 inches x 6 inches so I'd have about a half-inch border on all sides.

Step 3: ADHERE // I used 2-sided tape to attach the invite to the cardstock, but you could use any adhesive. I also mounted the invite a little lower than center so I had plenty of room for the hole.

Step 4: PUNCH // Punch a hole in the center of the cardstock, above the invite.

Step 5: RIBBON // I looped a ribbon through the hole so the invitation would hang properly. Tie a knot and/or a bow, hang it on someone's door, and you're done!

Supplies I used:

Today is actually Graham's birthday, so Happy Birthday, Graham! And thanks for the inspiration! I hope you readers enjoyed the DIY tutorial. I would love to hear how YOU would use this idea for a casual invitation.
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