gift tags = gift wrap

This week we're looking at packaging, so today I took one simple gift box and packaged it four different ways using our set of gift tags, which you can purchase HERE.

In addition to the gift tags, I used some found objects from around the house: kitchen string, a roll of streamers leftover from a recent birthday celebration, a scrap of wrapping paper and a lone piece of decorative twine. Here are all four packages:

BIRTHDAY BOX // (1) Using a paper trimmer to ensure straight lines (or a ruler, pencil + scissor), trim your scrap of wrapping paper to your desired width. For a 5 inch wide box, I trimmed my paper to 3.5 inches. (2) Wrap the paper around the box and secure it on the bottom with 2-sided tape. (3) Add a couple of matching gift tags with an occasion-appropriate message.

GRANDPA // This one's really simple. Wind twine or ribbon or whatever around the box multiple times and tie a knot in the back to secure it. Add a piece of kitchen string around the middle. Punch a hole in the gift tag and tie a knot to affix it to the kitchen string.

MERRY CHRISTMAS // So it's a little early for Christmas, but I liked the colors and the idea of using red streamers I had lying around the house. (1) Tape one end of the streamer to the bottom of the box. (2) Wrap the streamers around the box multiple times until you get the desired pattern (mine's a little random). (3) Tuck a light green gift tag with a holiday message into the streamer at an angle and secure it with 2-sided tape.

FATHER'S DAY // Start with the same streamer-wrapping method as above. Trim two light blue gift tags so that the colored portion is even on both sides of the white portion. You'll end up with two little strips. Write a two-line message and secure gift tags underneath the streamer with 2-sided tape. Add a piece of kitchen string or other ribbon and tie a knot.

Here's what I used to pull these four packages together:

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