my favorite things

Today I'm sharing with you a few of my favorite supplies to wrap up our week on packaging. Have a great weekend!

(1) Washi, a decorative Japanese tape, can be found in tons of colors and styles. I love this metallic gold polka dot from Pretty Tape on Etsy.
(2) Inspiration from Lauren Elise Crafted. Love.
(3) Gift tags from greenFINGERPRINT. Versatile, fun + colorful.
(4) Kraft wrapping paper from Knot & Bow. The perfect backdrop to gifts and packages.
(5) Colorful baker's twine from Thurston Post on Etsy.
(6) Kraft gift bags from Clip & Pin. Such a fun way to do party favors or small gifts.
(7) More inspiration from Lauren Elise Crafted. Double love.
(8) More gorgeous washi tape from Pretty Tape.
(9) Kraft gift boxes from Le Box Boutique. Again, love that these kraft boxes are made from recycled content and provide a neutral backdrop for ribbons, cards and tape. A simple box also eliminates the need for wrapping paper.

Please note that this isn't intended to be an endorsement of specific vendors. Be sure to research internet sellers before making your purchase!
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