patterns in paris

I've written before about how inspiration strikes in odd places. Well, Paris isn't one of them. The City of Light is like one big Pinterest board, booming with beauty. My maiden name, Richelieu, is quite French, although no one in my family actually speaks the language (Dad was born and raised in Orange County and Mom is from Argentina). Even so, my heart felt like it had found its way home while walking along the Seine the one time I've been to France, a few years ago. I'm thinking about pattern this week, and the design of our best-selling letterpress thank you card was inspired by the patterns found in Paris's ubiquitous wrought iron balconies.
Here's Victoria, and she's going fast. This thank you card is letterpressed in black ink on white cotton rag paper. Can you see the resemblance of the pattern to a petite Parisian balcony?
We don't have any more sets available, just individual cards (with matching envelopes, of course). You can purchase our individual letterpress cards HERE.

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