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Last week, I shared the inspiration for a suite of wedding invitations I designed for a summer wedding in Seattle. The invitations have been sent, replies are pouring in, and I'm excited to share with you the finished product. The bride only made a few requests for the design. She wanted something simple with either a floral or barn design (both of which would reflect

the location

). As far as colors, she only requested green, and I added oatmeal as a neutral. Think simple, rustic, contemporary for the event, and voila! Here's what I designed...

The 65 cent stamp is a cream wedding cake with a pop of green - perfect. Don't forget the details! I designed a 2.5" square "seal" for the outside of the enclosure envelope from

Paper Source

. The invitation is mounted inside the enclosure using 2-sided adhesive, and a pocket holds the extra elements of the invitation suite.

 The design is based on Seattle's summer flora: daisies, dahlias and crocosmia. The pocket holds a reception card (below, left), a reply card with a green envelope (below, right) and a folded details card. There will be lawn games at the reception, so the bride had the idea to include a little note on the reception card, reminding guests to consider wearing sensible shoes!

We agonized a bit over the details card, which contains loads of information: travel and hotel details, directions and a map of the area. But it's a great way to communicate those details to your guests.

I'm really happy with the way it turned out! I'll be adding it to our

gF shop

soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, please feel free to

email me

with your design dilemmas. I'd love to put something together for you!

A7 Invitation Enclosures in Paper Bag + A2 Envelopes in Clover

both from

Paper Source

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