baby bath color schemes

This week, my friend Courtney finished up some long-standing projects around the house (hanging curtains, printing new pictures, painting a wall). Her efforts - and their results - totally inspired me to do the same. I'm starting with Ben's bathroom, which doubles as the guest bath, a neglected little corner of the house. This isn't a DIY post. We're certainly not demo-ing anything. In fact, we live on a military base in a house with Navajo White walls, so I'm really limited as far as what I can do. This is purely accessorizing. And of course I'll be creating some wall art for the space ONCE I've decided on the new color scheme. I mean, I love white, but this is a little extreme, even for me.

I'm starting with a few fixed elements: dark grey counters, natural wood cabinets, mini blinds, linoleum... it's not pretty. A few weeks ago I randomly purchased some new aqua bathmats, so those have to fit into the space. I'd like to buy as little as possible to complete it. Here's what the room looks like now. Don't judge.

I'm moving that shower curtain (a Target purchase from last year) to the master bathroom, and I'd like to replace it with something more geometric. But what? And in what color? I've been toying with two different schemes: grey, aqua and either orange or yellow as an accent. Naturally, I hit up Pinterest for some design inspiration. You can check out the full board HERE.

sources, clockwise from left:

I love the look of grey, aqua and yellow,  which could be perfect for a guest bath but perhaps a little soft for a boy's bathroom.

sources, clockwise from upper left:

I'm actually leaning toward grey and aqua with pops of orange, which could be a little circus-y if not executed well. But I think the orange peps it up enough for a little boy. P.S. How fabulous is that J Fletcher print for the Charleston Harborfest?! If this is the color scheme, I'd love a copy for the wall above the towel rack.

sources, clockwise from upper left:

So my goal is to make a decision and make it happen. I plan to design some subway art or something for the room to bring together all of the colors, and I'll keep you posted on my progress! Which color scheme would you pick? Do you have any decorating projects-in-progress to complete?

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