in the beginning

My husband will be spending some time away from home over the next few months, and I wanted a way to keep him in the loop about what's happening at home. Inspired by THIS from Ali Edwards and THIS from Liz Tamanaha, I'm trying my hand at a mini album focused heavily on photos. The idea is that my husband will have the little 7x9 inch 3-ring binder with him, and I'll send him hole-punched items to add to the album. What will it look like? No idea, but I figure purchasing the binder was a start.
I love this portable and eco-friendly little notebook. I've never scrapbooked, and I don't have a real plan, per se. I just want a simple and portable way to document and share what we're up to at home. Isn't it pretty?

You can purchase this mini 3-ring recycled chipboard binder HERE.

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