favorites | desktop edition

I love photographing posts for the blog, and I've really enjoyed playing around with props and styling photos for posts, whether they're for a specific project or a more general topic. I've gotten questions about where I've found certain props, so I thought I'd share my favorite desktop items, which also includes my favorite props for photo styling. Enjoy!

| 1 | gold clips

I actually went in search of these and I love them even more in person. I use them practically, to hold pages together that I don't want to staple, as well as for a prop when styling photos.

| 2 | Simplified Planner

I've written about using this HERE, and it lives on my kitchen counter, desk and in my bag. I use it daily and think it's both practical and lovely.

| 3 | washi tape

A couple of years ago, washi tape felt like such a specialty item. Today, you can find it everywhere. I use it to add a little color and pattern to everything from project life spreads to blog photos.

| 4 | string

I use string for packaging products as well as for a photo prop, like THIS. Both of these spools were stocking stuffers, so I don't know exactly where they were purchased, but I love the kitchen string versions from Knot and Bow.

| 5 | gold scissors

Who knew what a phenomenon these would become? I spotted them at Target awhile ago and bought them on a whim. My husband thought it was hysterical, but when I explained I'd use them for the blog, he relented. Sure enough, they've become a huge trend in photo styling. Maybe they're a little played out, but I just love them too much to let go. Plus, they're fun to use in real life!

| 6 | Poppin desktop accessories

I have the weighted tape dispenser in white and the stapler in pink, but these guys make sleek desktop accessories in a range of colors. I'm eyeing a ruler and maybe a new pair of scissors in aqua or yellow.

| 7 | gold-edged cards

I found these from Russell + Hazel (love their stuff) and use them to jot down little quotes or notes, like THIS. They're thick and pretty and the size of a business card.

| 8 | notebooks

I've always been a writer, a jotter, a journaler, so I usually have a variety of notebooks in action. Anything you see photographed on the blog is something I actually use (i.e. they're not just props!). The two pictured here are my journal, which I found HERE, and a Moleskine notebook I bought as a set of two at Target.

What about you? What are your favorite photo desktop accessories?