favorites | project life edition

When I started Ben's Project Life album nearly three years ago, the only products available on Amazon were the turquoise binderDesign A pocket pages and 3x4 grid cards. So that's what I ordered. My style was simple from the start.

I don't come to Project Life with any scrapbooking in my past, so I don't do embellishments except for the occasional piece of washi tape in an insert (like THIS). Those of you familiar with Project Life know that a lot has changed  over the last couple of years. 

The increasing volume of products available has certainly impacted the way I document our lives. While I've accumulated more supplies and designs, I definitely have some favorites. These are the things I use every time I put together a layout. 

| 1 | Digital cards + templates from Paislee Press

Liz is a genius when it comes to Project Life. No matter what your personal style, everyone seems to appreciate her minimalist approach to documenting. Fortunately for the rest of us, she is prolific when it comes to designing and releasing products. I love her templates and journaling cards. I'm currently using month at a glance in Owen's baby album and I always come back to her woodgrain patterned cards and papers.

| 2 | A mix of typed text and handwriting. I love seeing my parents' handwriting in our old photo albums and letters, so I'm making an effort to include more of my own in our Project Life albums. I also love some of the hand-lettered words and phrases from Paislee Press. I've always included typed journaling cards (you can see my method HERE). My favorite fonts are AleoAvenir NextOswald and Nevis

| 3 | Design A and Design F pocket pages. I include smaller inserts sometimes, but I find these are the pages I use most frequently. 

| 4 | I edit just about every photo that goes into my Project Life albums. This mostly has to do with wanting to keep the look pretty uniform when I'm combining photos from different days in the same layout. I use VSCO and PicTapGo on my iPhone and I use RadLab to process pics in Photoshop. I'm curious about trying out the actions from A Beautiful Mess.

| 5 | Plain white 3x4 cards. I use these for journaling all the time because I can type or print anything on them, they go on any page and they let the photos breathe by adding a little white space.

| 6 | Patterned + stand-alone cards. I own three Project Life core kitsseafoammidnight and baby editions. I love finding a card that doesn't require any journaling or additional text. Sometimes it's a pattern. Sometimes it conveys a pertinent message. Either way, these cards help keep my layouts simple while also adding to the story. 

| 7 | Two-sided tape. I use this adhesive to stick my journal cards and photos to each other when they're in the same pocket. It helps keep everything looking really clean.

| 8 | Grey cloth albums. A couple years ago, I bought a few of these from American Crafts. I went with grey because they match the decor in our living area and they're neutral enough to be on display anywhere else in our house. Right now they sit on the book shelf in our family room, always within reach!

What are your favorite Project Life supplies?