FREE Printable Galentine's Cards (and a Tutorial!)

As you may already know, I'm sending a lot of letters this year, and for February, I knew I wanted to send a bunch of "love notes" to my friends. Since we moved in October, and we move every few years, it wasn't hard to come up with a big list of friends to write. Valentine's Day isn't my fave holiday of the year (that's an understatement!), but I am a huge fan of Parks + Rec, so I figured Galentine's Day is something I can support.

So let's get going with a little DIY and a FREE printable (actually, more than one!), so you can make your own Galentine's cards and celebrate your friends this week. First things first: supplies.

Here's what you'll need to print and send the cards: white cardstock, A6 (or larger) envelopes, a printer, scissors / paper trimmer, and stamps. If you want to get fancy with the envelopes or make some double-thick cards, you'll also need watercolors / markers and two-sided adhesive.

Next, decide which cards you want to make. I created files so you could do a folded or flat card.

- download the folded / double-thick card

- download the flat card (front)

- download the flat card (back)

For the flat cards, the files will print two per page, but you'll have to run them through your printer twice (front and back). For the double-thick cards, you'll print just one per page, but you don't need the back of the paper. Here's how I did the double-thick cards. First, download and print THIS FILE.

You'll end up with something that looks like this:

Just trim along the cut lines and then fold it in half (it helps if you score the line you'll be folding).

You can just use the card like this and write a looong note inside your folded card. OR you can adhere the two sides to each other and make a double-thick flat card. Add some double-sided adhesive or tape to the edges of the card and fold it in half.

Alternatively, you can print the front of the cards, then flip the page and run it back through your printer to print the back. Cut along the trim lines and you'll end up with two flat cards that are ready to go.

I just had plain white envelopes at home, so I printed the addresses and added names with watercolor. You could achieve a similar look by raiding your kiddo's art supplies or using a large marker in a contrasting color to write the name and then print the address using a black pen.

I also added a little "xoxo" on the back of the envelopes using watercolor before stamping them with our return address (my sister got us this stamp for Christmas).

Done and done.

On more than one of these cards I wrote something like "I wish we were sitting on your couch, eating Haribo gummy bears and watching Hoarders or something equally gross on TLC." That's the truth, friends. Perhaps you have a sweeter sentiment to send to your gals. Download the file(s) you want to use, and send some love to the friends in your life you can't live without. XOXO!