inspiration blog hop

I was so happy last week to be asked by the lovely Kelsey to participate in an inspiration blog hop. I'm answering four questions related to my creative endeavors. Read on for the questions, answers and the bloggers I'm nominating to participate next week.

one | What are you working on?

These days, I'm working on my son's baby / project life album, several photobook projects (past and present), and organizing my "office closet." I don't have an office, so all of my inventory, supplies, etc. are tucked away in a hall closet upstairs, including samples of every custom design job I've had. Currently, my favorite endeavor is dreaming up the direction I want to go with Green Fingerprint. I've designed custom stationery for years, but life has changed dramatically in the last three years, so I'm considering a change in direction. It's a little daunting but more exciting than anything else.

two | How does your work differ from others?

I'm not sure that my work is so different from others, but a lot of my design work has a few common threads. I tend to design things that are simple, with lots of white space and tempered use of color and pattern. I'm a little obsessive about editing and pretty meticulous when it comes to type and layout.  Although I love the Studio Calico kits and how people I admire infuse embellishments in their albums, you won't find any of that in mine. My layouts are photo-heavy and embellished almost exclusively with white borders, a few patterned journaling cards and type.

three | Why do you create what you do?

To celebrate life's occasions and to remember what's important.

four | How does your creative process work?

I jot down notes, edit photos, print photos, then get to work. For stationery projects, I glean inspiration from everywhere: flowers and natural elements (for color), fashion (for style), and events (for a general feeling). If I'm "stuck," I'll often spend a few minutes browsing my pinboards on Pinterest to remind myself of my style. It's so easy for me to get swept up in what everyone else is doing! When I get to work, I usually sketch what I'm doing first and then execute on my computer. 

I'm nominating three lovely ladies to participate next week: AmeliaAimee and Lindsey. I love their style, their blogs and their work. I hope you choose to post, ladies. I can't wait to see what you have for us!