let's do this.

Hi friends! Happy new year! Are you as jazzed about this time of year as I am? I find myself completely geeking-out over all of the amazing, energizing, inspiring resolution-related content out there in these inaugural weeks of twenty-fifteen. I'm making lists, setting goals, dreaming big, and picking words (or one little word, if we want to get technical). I'm reflecting on last year and thinking about the future, but I'm also really trying to fully embrace the present moment. My sister and I have been going through Lara Casey's Powersheets over the last couple of weeks, and may I just say YES.

If you're into day-dreaming about your goals but also interested in taking action on some things, then they're an incredible investment. I went through them last year and I made a lot of things happen, despite having a baby and moving across the country. Am I exactly where I want to be? Have I "arrived"? No way! But that's so much a part of the excitement of this time of year for me. What fun would setting goals be if you'd gotten everything you ever wanted and accomplished everything you ever hoped to do and become exactly the person you always wanted to be?! The journey is epic, friends. Check in this week for more on what I'm thinking about for the coming year! 

What about you? What are you up to as we start this year?