memories, contained

I noticed a few months ago that we had loads of random memorabilia scattered throughout the house: airplane ticket stubs in the nightstand, ultrasound photos in Ben's room, birthday cards in the kitchen. We move every 2-3 years, so I'm definitely not into clutter.

And since I've been doing Project Life, we actually have someplace to put those special little items and memories (eventually). I found these document boxes at the Container Store. They come in a bunch of gorgeous colors. I went with the grey because it matched the accent pillows in our family room. I cleared some space on a shelf and started corralling the random stuff.

I got three boxes, one for each of us. The boxes came with a little framed label holder, so I added each of our initials to a box. Nick's and mine are displayed on the shelf. Ben's is in a cabinet.

I love how big they are and how easily accessible they are. I also love that they're made from 70% post-consumer recycled fiber board. I've been stashing little items in them - thank you notes, photos, cards... anything that doesn't fit somewhere in particular.

As I work on Project Life pages, I know exactly where all of our memorabilia is located. And bonus: we no longer have dozens of Nick's old birthday cards in our bedroom (he's quite sentimental). 

You can find these Stockholm office storage boxes at the Container Store or online HERE.