Baby’s First Two Years | The Video

Modern Baby Video by Catherine Saunders | All The Best - custom photo books, video, editing

Recently, I shared the photo book project and client process for a modern baby book. In this post I’m sharing the video that went with that project.

There’s something really special about family video. It’s immersive and compelling, and these days it’s so easy to share.

So, when I came up with my client process, I knew a video had to be part of it.

It’s one thing to put together a professionally-shot wedding video or a video for a brand or website. 

When a pro controls the lighting and the shots, the result is very different from the “home video” quality of a family movie.

But that doesn’t make them any less meaningful.

When putting together these projects, I’m working with the photos and videos my client sends me. 

As they’re going through the selection process, clients have complained that their pictures and videos aren’t that good. 

If you feel the same way when you’re going through your own memories, keep in mind what I tell them: don’t worry so much about the quality, but rather which memories mean the most to you. 


Years from now you’ll watch your family movies and gush over them.

Not because you hired a videographer to follow you around and capture the perfect light and angles, but because watching a movie filled with your personal memories will transport you right back to those moments.

And that’s not based on lighting or angles or any of that.

It’s based on the fact that these are YOUR memories.

Here’s a client’s video documenting their daughter’s first two years.

They’ve been kind enough to let me share their memories, and I hope it inspires you to transform yours.

Because your memories matter enough to document them.

The Video

Reach out via Instagram or email if you have questions about working through this process on your own or with me.