5 of my Favorite Pens

I'm a big fan of writing (journaling, note-taking, etc), and I have to admit that as with many things I'm really particular about my pens. Just ask my husband. He'll hand me a pen to jot down a note and one look says "I'm not writing with that souvenir ballpoint you stole from the dentist!"

Based on what I know about my readers, I'm guessing one or two of you can relate. I got an email last week asking about a pen I use, and I thought it was a great idea for a blog post. So here you go: my top five favorite pens. These are the ones I keep handy, cringe when I'm about to run out, and make late-night Staples runs to replenish.

Staples OptiFlow / This is my everyday pen. It's a little pricey, but it lasts forever, writes so smoothly, and doesn't smudge. I would know - I write with my entire hand on the page. I can't sing its praises enough - love this pen.

Uchida Le Pen / These little guys come in a bunch of colors, and they're great for photo styling. I will frequently use this one to write in my planner because it isn't too "leaky" (if that makes sense). It's not my everyday pen because I press way too hard when I write and I run the risk of collapsing the tip. I like the both the colorful versions and the plain black.

Staples DuraPoint / I use these pens when I write on Project Life journaling cards, or to address envelopes. They're heavier than a pen but thinner than a marker, and they're super smooth on the page.

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen (B) / The pack I linked to contains four different styles of pens. The one pictured above (and the one I like using) is the "B" pen - maybe it stands for brush? It's a really easy way to achieve stylized script for addresses, signage, whatever you like!

Sharpie Fine Point / It's classic, it's permanent, it's a nice, true black. I love it. I use Sharpies for labeling things on washi tape, for envelopes, and for writing text I want to scan into Photoshop. Love the "weight" of the line.

What are your favorite pens? Leave a comment and let me know!