One Little Word 2015

As I went through the process of setting some goals this year, I realized one crucial thing had been missing in 2014. While I had a lot of fun last year, I knew deep down that I spent a lot of time feeling really bogged down by the daily details of pregnancy, staying home with two little kids, being a military spouse, moving, and on and on. I don't actually feel that way, though. So I wanted this year to be more conscious of my attitude and my approach to my daily life.

And that's how I arrived at my one little word this year: PLAY.

  • Quite literally, PLAY with the kids. Get on their level, get outside, build more train tracks, take more field trips. You know, just enjoy them and this really great time.
  • PLAY with "the norm." Go beyond the status quo. Dig deeper on skills I already have. Learn something new. Try something new. Play with color, pattern, composition. Do something different. Switch up the routine. Walk to church in the cold when it makes more sense to drive. Get mid-week takeout. Surprise Nick with a random gift. Surprise a friend with a random note. Be enthusiastic about Monday mornings. Just... switch it up every once in awhile.

and lastly,

  • Press PLAY on projects, ideas and plans I've been sitting on for too long. This is my "just start" reminder. Go for it. Don't overthink it. Don't wait until it's perfect (it won't be). Don't wait until it's "ready" (it may never be). Just get on with it.

So we'll see how it all pans out. Although I don't take Ali Edwards's class on this subject, I was definitely inspired by her to pick a word for the last couple of years and consider it as a theme for my year. I think it's worked. I chose complete in 2013 and adventure in 2014, and they both served me well. As for this year? So far, so good. 

If you're participating in OLW for 2015, I'd love to know your word for this year! If you chose one in the past, do you think it impacted you?