our holiday card envelopes

I always look forward to the new holiday stamps the post office has to offer, and this year I fell in love with the "winter fun" series. Seriously, who designs these things? So cute. They're colorful but muted, a little whimsical and very appropriate for our winter in New England. I bought a bunch, and because they're not holiday-specific, I can use the extras in the new year. Ironically, my favorite is the bird. Love the colors, the design, the whole thing. Why is it ironic? Because I do not like birds at all ("hate" is perhaps too strong a word, though not by much). I also love how the non-traditional color scheme looked on the kraft envelopes I used for our Christmas cards.

This year I didn't have time to do hand-addressing, so I ran them through my printer. I like how they turned out in the end, although I have some major beef with mail merge. Dear Microsoft, why did you make this process 25 steps long in the new MS Word? Ugh. After an hour of fighting with my computer, I copied and pasted the formatted addresses into a new document and printed them one at a time. Not super efficient, but pretty and clean and it definitely took less time than writing them by hand. 

Did you send out holiday cards? Are you a labeler, hand-writer or type-on-envelopes kind of person? Any other fave stamps this year?