packing a carry-on for three

The last time I flew with a child was a year ago. I was 8 weeks pregnant and Ben was just turning two and I had three other adults to help. Tomorrow I'm flying from Oakland to Chicago with the two boys. Ben's nearly three years old and Owen's three months. And I'm doing it alone. 

Insert deer-in-headlights emoticon!

I'm actually pretty excited about it. I haven't been to Chicago in years, and we're spending a night in Evanston, so I'll get to show Nick and the kids around Northwestern, my college alma mater. We're spending a week on Lake Michigan with a bunch of friends, which will be awesome. The trip out there is going to be challenging, but it'll be well worth it. 

I'm carrying a double umbrella stroller, a backpack and two kids onto the plane. I want to be prepared for sure, but I don't want to go overboard. I decided to take my triathlon backpack because it's comfortable to carry, it's roomy and it has a ton of pockets and compartments. I'm not exactly sure how this works if, say, I have to go to the bathroom. I'm sure I'll figure it out! 

As of right now, here's what's in my carry-on bag:

for me

a Clif bar (for a snack) + some sour gummy worms (for morale)

an extra clean t-shirt (in case of a spit-up or blow-out situation)

fully-charged iPhone loaded up with podcasts and music

phone charger + earbuds

favorite lip balm (eos)

antibacterial wipes for cleaning armrests, seatbelts and tray tables

laptop completely shut down inside a sleeve (I'll pack the charger)

contact lens case with solution + glasses (just in case)

large ziplock bags for dirty clothes and corralling like-items

for the toddler

favorite blanket (known as "medit" in our house)

full change of clothes including extra undies

3-4 little cars and/or trains

iPad loaded up with toddler-friendly shows

kid-friendly headphones

iPad charger

sippy cup or water bottle

snacks (applesauce pouches, goldfish and fruit snacks)

crayons and a mini-notepad or coloring book

a small packet of wipes for hands and face

for the baby

Aden and Anais blanket

Ergo baby carrier

burp cloths (he's a happy spitter)

bottle, formula + bottle of water

nursing cover (just in case - still nursing, just hoping not to on the plane)

several diapers

a package of wipes for diaper changes

two extra onesies for spit-up situations

two pacifiers with clips

Am I missing anything? Please comment and let me know! Happy weekending, and safe travels this summer!