personal, not perfect.


 I'm mailing out Owen's birth announcements next week, and I really wanted to address the envelopes by hand. I love receiving mail that's hand-lettered, but I can drive myself crazy by being a bit of a perfectionist when I do it myself. It occurred to me while working on the envelopes this weekend that hand-lettering is supposed to be personal, not perfect.

That's the whole point! So I abandoned the crazy handwriting police-woman inside me and gave myself permission to let go of them looking a certain way. The whole exercise wound up being really therapeutic. I got to work with my hands and be a little bit creative without having to think too much (I was just copying addresses from a spreadsheet, after all).

At the end of the day, there's a stack of envelopes ready to be mailed to the people I love most in the world. I kind of messed up one of my aunt's names but rather than start over, I just kept writing. I don't think she'll mind. And besides, it'll be what's inside that counts.