project life 2014 | journaling

As I looked through our first son's Project Life album this week, I wished I'd written down more of my thoughts, details about particular trips and events, stats, etc.

So as I sat down to start our second son's baby album, the first thing I did was write. I didn't edit any photos. I didn't even look at the photos. I just wrote. I started by jotting down a general overview of the month using the "these days" headline from Paislee Press (you can find it HERE).

Next up: the month in review. I've been writing down notes and stuff in my planner, so that made it easy to go back and write down the "big" things that happened throughout the last two months. I've also been making it a point to use my planner to not only keep track of appointments but also to note the very ordinary stuff each day.

Almost every night, I go back through the day and jot down anything of note, even if it was just "first trip to the market with both boys." These days that's actually one of the major things on the calendar. I printed these on white card stock and cut them down to 3x4 inches. You can find the handwritten months text HERE.

Sometimes there are particular moments or memories that require a little special attention. This month, I wanted to document my labor and delivery story while it was still fresh in my mind. Our time in the hospital was easy and restful.

The only hiccup was naming the little guy (we are lame and didn't have a name before he arrived - I do not recommend this to anyone!). Other than that, it was all textbook and a very happy memory, so I wanted to make sure I wrote it down in detail while it was still fresh in my mind.

Now I'm off to select, edit and print the photos for the last month... just as soon as we're done with baths and bedtimes :)

Products used: journaling cards from Project Life Midnight Edition and Baby Edition / handwritten text from Paislee Press month at a glance template and pictures + words no. 9 / 8.5 x 11 page protectors