project life | at the start

It's been a pretty exciting day! I'm sharing one of the early layouts from my new project life album as well as my process for starting a project like this as the September guest artist over at paislee press today. 

Two years ago, I was very pregnant and looking for a way to document our lives with a kiddo. Please note that I was absolutely not a scrapbooker. I'd never really done any kind of memory-keeping. 

Project life filled that need while also giving me a creative outlet. That summer, I also discovered Liz Tamanaha's designs over at paislee press, which for me are the frosting on an ingenious memory-keeping system. I still do graphic design, creating stationery, invitations, etc., but this project is so much more personal for me.

I'll include a few photos here of the week "twelve" layout, but for more detail on my process and my thoughts on minimalist style, please follow my blog and be sure to check out my guest post at paislee press. Happy designing!

A couple of close-ups of the left side:

A close-up of the right side (a 12x12 collage which you can find HERE):

The 8x10 insert, side one:

Just a bit of embellishment for the insert, side two:

All of the product and process details are over at paislee press. I'll be posting subsequent weeks here, so be sure to follow the blog!