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I'm still putting the finishing touches on Ben's Project Life album, and I'm nearly totally finished. I made tons of progress yesterday with the last few layouts, for which I already had all the photos printed. I just hadn't done the journaling cards. I don't know why I put this off! It was so simple to get them all printed and in the album.

I use THIS method for printing my journal cards. While I love the playful and vibrant colors in the Seafoam Edition, I'll frequently use a monochromatic color scheme. It can help simplify an otherwise busy layout, and it makes selection of the journaling cards really easy since there's a limited number of designs for each color.

Here's what my layouts looked like in the morning yesterday (I think I had six or seven like this):

And here's the after. What a difference a day makes. This layout is done with aqua cards from the Seafoam Edition and a couple of blank 3x4 cards.

The project: filling in some blanks in Ben's Project Life album

The process: I selected the pocket pages I wanted to use and then printed all of the photos. When deciding on journaling cards, I picked the color that worked best for that layout and used journaling cards from the Seafoam kit only in that color.

HERE is how I type on my cards.

The materials: Project Life photo pocket pages, Seafoam edition core kitmonth dividers + 12x12 papers

I love the left side of this layout, which documents a week of firsts for Ben.

Note: this is the Design D pocket page.

Here's a close-up of the left side:

Below are three more layouts I recently completed. They'll give you an idea of the monochromatic color scheme in full effect.


For this layout, I was missing a vertical 4x6 photo, and I didn't have anything to journal so I filled in the space with a piece of 4x6 paper that I cut from one of the Seafoam Edition 12x12 sheets

Note: this is the Design D pocket page.


 Sometimes the colors in the photos help me decide which color to use, and sometimes not. I decided to use turquoise journaling cards for this layout because this is where the July month divider would go. Fortunately, I think color looks great with the bath tub shots on the right side! 

Note: the left side is the Design F pocket page and the right side is the Design D pocket page.


Here's that gorgeous aqua color (again). I love how the unifying color ties the layout together even when the photos are a little - or a lot! - random! 

Note: the left side is the Design D pocket page and the right side is the Design F pocket page.

The colors in the Seafoam core kit are beautiful, vibrant, and I think they add such a playful tone to an album focused on a little kiddo. I can't wait to have this project COMPLETE

Project Life is a memory-keeping system developed by Becky Higgins. You can learn more about it HERE