how to use digital photo templates

This post picks up where I left off YESTERDAY. I'm tackling photo-heavy Project Life layouts, and today I'm sharing another idea for dealing with lots of pictures...

Dilemma 2 // You took a ton of adorable photos, maybe from the same day or week, but want to keep the layout from being too chaotic. I like using a series of similar photos to create a "photo booth" effect.  

Here's another example, this one with the photos side by side.

Rather than creating my own templates, I frequently use the 4x6 photo templates from Paislee Press to fit two to four pictures on one 4x6 photo in Photoshop. They're available for free HERE and they really, really come in handy! Read on to see how I use them...

1. I start by opening iPhoto (which I use to store and sort my photos) and selecting the two to four pictures I want to include in the template. I hold down the "Command" key to select multiple photos. Then I drag all of them onto the Photoshop icon to open them in Photoshop.

2. Download the free 4x6 photo templates from Paislee Press HERE. Open your desired template in Photoshop (or PS Elements), then drag your first photo onto the template. Make sure it's positioned above the clipping mask you want to use both on your canvas and in the layers window. Apply the size change by clicking the move tool on the left (Photoshop CS3) or clicking the green check mark (PS Elements).

3. Click Layer > Create Clipping Mask

4. Your photo should now fit neatly in the space. Repeat for the rest and save as a JPEG. 

For this layout, I used template #2 from this set and I flipped the canvas 90 degrees so I could fit two landscape-style photos in the vertical 4x6.

Here's the supply list. Happy designing!

Project Life Design B + Design D photo pocket pages + Paislee Press 4x6 Photo Templates

Photos edited using RadLab // Click HERE for more information on Project Life