simple gift wrap

It was my friend Shannon's birthday this week and I wanted to get her a little something to celebrate. I have a few go-to gift wrap supplies I used to wrap this little treasure:

My mom is the best gift-wrapper I know. She folds edges under, uses double-sided tape, curls ribbon like nobody's business and generally takes packaging really seriously. It might seem silly, but whenever I get a gift from her, I feel really loved by her and appreciative for her because it's always so lovingly packaged.

I'm definitely not quite as conscientious, but I took just a few minutes to try to thoughtfully wrap this gift. And it was actually fun (not least of all because all of my wrapping stuff is in one, easily-accessible spot). Any guesses as to what I got for her? The answer's in this photo!

What about you? Do you notice pretty packaging or gift wrap? Is it something you take the time to do thoughtfully?