Project Life | Early November

I'm so happy to be back to working on Owen's baby album, which I'm doing using Project Life. Would it be too lofty a goal to be done with it right after his first birthday? Maybe, but one can dream! 

Each month has a similar "title" page, which is just a piece of 8.5x11 inch card stock. I print a few milestones or things that happened that month at the bottom of the page and then attach a photo. This month I went with a 4x6 instead of a larger photo. I'm liking all the white space.

Here's what the flip side looks like.

Rather than document each week with a full layout, which I did for Ben's baby album, I'm documenting each month with a few layouts. The number of photos and layouts just depends on what we had going on and how many photos I managed to take. On the flip side of each monthly "title page," I'm including a page of journaling. 

I've been using this space to write about what happened throughout the month in some detail, what Owen's doing these days, notes about his personality and what's happening with our family. Let's be honest: it's basically a brain dump. I love it because those thoughts are out of my head and on paper - no need to try to remember everything. 

For each month, I'm also including a 3x4 card with the happenings that month in chronological order. Can you tell that more journaling is a theme in this album? Not exactly subtle. In Ben's album, I wish I could easily figure out when things happened. Since I documented each week individually, the milestones are scattered throughout the album and they're not easy to find. This time, I wanted to keep track of all these stats more consistently. I just think it's fun to look back and see what happened when.

This album is technically Owen's baby album, but it contains lots of photos of the family and life in general. However, on this page, I included pics of just the little guy doing his thing at seven months. It's kind of a snapshot of his life in November. In short, he's hungry, sleepy and smiley. I'm living with three dwarves.

I love the look of hand lettering, but for some reason I prefer just about anyone else's to my own! On this page, the handwriting is all from Paislee Press. I really think it adds something. I've loved getting back to documenting over the last couple months. Here's to hoping my January creative challenge will be motivation enough to get on top of this album. 

Project Life is a memory-keeping system designed by Becky Higgins. Products used // Design A pocket pages / 8.5x11 inch clear sheet protector / 3x4 journaling cards

Digital elements by Paislee Press // digital month stamps  / pictures + words no. 9  / pictures + words no. 11