simple thanksgiving crafts for kids

This year, we'll have a couple of preschoolers at our Thanksgiving table. My friend said she'd put together some kind of craft for the kids to do while we cook dinner, and I said I'd do the same. First of all, why do I volunteer for these kinds of things?

Secondly, it's not that big of a deal. A quick Google search gave me some good ideas. Note to self: let's not overthink this one! 

| one |

The truly ambitious, or those with a few extra hands to monitor the kids and the time to get some paint this week, should check out these colorful leaf prints from Little Page Turners. So pretty and I'm sure so fun for the littles.

| two |

If you're up for using some Elmer's glue, I love this leaf wreath. You need a paper plate and some leaves (a great mission to get the kids and non-chefs outside for a little while). This one looks like a winner.

| three |

Anything involving colorful construction paper and hand-tracing. See photo in this post and any preschooler's refrigerator.

| four |

Incorporate a craft into the dessert thing. Do all kids eat pumpkin pie? Mine does, but I seem to remember some kids passing on it last year. I'll bet they eat Oreos, though. These little turkey cookies are pretty cute, and can be put together using a few grocery items.

| five |

If you're hosting Thanksgiving or working the day before or living life and can't fathom putting together some kind of craft for the day, you are not alone. There's always the old standby: some worksheets featuring 1980s-inspired turkeys and pilgrims. And yes, there is such a thing as a 1980s pilgrim. Our library has stacks of these, along with a big tin of broken crayons, and Ben goes gaga for them.

Do you have any simple craft ideas for the kids to do on Thanksgiving? Happy crafting!