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A Simple Plan for Tackling Unfinished Projects

Perhaps you can relate to this.

There’s a source of irritation sitting on the bookcase in our family room, wrapped up in a set of three pretty, grey, cloth-bound binders. They’re my sons’ unfinished baby albums, and I get a pang of unease, even a feeling of guilt, when I see them.

Why? Because I know they're not totally finished. 

The other day I thought enough was enough, and I picked up the first album. It documents the first six months of our older son’s life in photos and journaling using Project Life.

As I flipped through those albums, I remembered why these projects matter to me. They bring me joy and remind me of how much life we’ve experienced together as a family - the ups and downs, the challenges we’ve overcome and blessings we’ve enjoyed.

Whether it’s an old baby album, an abandoned organization project in the playroom, or a couple bags of clothes you intend to give away taking up valuable real estate in your closet, there’s a reason you got started.

Whatever the project, it mattered to you at one point. The first thing you have to ask yourself is "Does it still matter that I finish this?"

It's time to make a decision so you can clear up the mental clutter and move on. In this post, you'll find a detailed plan to do just that.

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