DIY design | the blue room

I'm a little behind this week because I've been out of town. We had some family stuff to do this weekend down in southern California, and while my husband returned home first thing Monday morning, Ben and I headed over to the west side of L.A.

My sister and her beautiful family are in the process of moving. My two nieces will share a room in the new house, and my sister let them select the paint color, the bedding and the furniture. They went with something very sophisticated so I decided to fun-it-up a bit with artwork and accessories.

Unbeknownst to the girls, I showed up Monday morning, armed with an assortment of goodies and got to work. My sister unpacked the rest of the boxes, so when the girls came home from swim practice that night, everything was complete.

It makes me want to do a little redecorating in my room! Oh, by the way, that's my little Benjamin lounging on one of the beds. Maybe it's time for an upgrade from his crib.

The textiles and furniture are from Pottery Barn. The round table is vintage. I created the initials artwork above the beds. The frames and accessories throughout the room are from Ikea.

The house was built in 1936, so it's filled with charming details, like crown moulding and wood floors and beautiful tile work in the bathrooms. These floor-to-ceiling built-in shelves are just inside the door to the girls' room. I got crafty on my Mom's Cricut and cut out the letters for their names.

The mix of "high" and "low" plus traditional and modern elements keeps it all looking very fresh and young. The painting on the left is an original piece of art created by a family friend, picturing a place that's very special to the girls.

The photo ledge, dragonfly picture and white frames all came from Ikea. The gallery wall is flanked by two doorways and two brass sconces that are original to the house. 

There's a small passageway between the bedroom and the bathroom, which includes this little built-in vanity area. Eventually I think a mirror would be ideal in this spot (the light is amazing), but for now I leaned a 16x20 inch piece of art against the little wall and accessorized with some darling bud vases and a vanilla-scented candle. 

My sister very generously had a TV mounted on the wall opposite the beds. To soften it a bit, I flanked it with two pieces of art. I was inspired to create this "dream BIG" piece by something I found HERE.

And this Judy Garland quote hangs on the other side. I found it HERE.

The door swings open to the left into a little alcove in the room. On the right side as you enter are the built-in shelves. On the left, behind the door, hang two magnetic boards.

My sister added a little icing to the room in the form of some new light fixtures. I didn't design or select them, but the detail is too beautiful to exclude! These capiz sconces hang on either side of a mirrored armoire and they match the new light fixture that hangs in the center of the ceiling.

I'm not an interior designer, but as a graphic designer, I can see my general aesthetic reflected in the way I accessorized this room. I like to keep things simple, include lots of white, mix things I love, and use both traditional and modern elements.


I also find that when designing a room, I always include something personal, something that glitters, and something that anchors the space. My bottom line: don't be afraid of things not matching! Surround yourself with photos and objects you love (just not too many of them!) and the rest will come together. 

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