the year in review collage

It's hard to believe it's New Year's Eve again (though not hard to believe that my plans include watching a movie with Nick and heading to bed early).

The year seems to have flown by, but when I sat down to reflect a little on my favorite moments of twenty-thirteen, I couldn't believe how much has happened and how much has changed in one year.

I documented some of my favorites from the year in a photo collage:

This collage will appear as an insert in my project life album. To create it, I used press plate no. 38 from Paislee Press (you can find it HERE).

I love how edited the photos are - as in, there are just twelve of them recapping a big year. On the flip side of the insert, I'll include a page with the details. 

favorites from 2013

one / favorite gift

Last Christmas Ben received a Ybike from his Nana and Grandpa for Christmas, and the kid used it to keep up with his friends for months while he learned to walk on his own. Bless his little heart, he even scooted around on it at friends' houses. And bless those friends for letting him do it.

two / favorite deployment weekend

In March, just before Nick got home from deployment, I had a whirlwind weekend. It included a drive to LA to my Mom's house, a drive back to Fresno to witness the birth of my dear friend's little girl (while we were on FaceTime with her husband in the Middle East), a 10K race on 3 hours of sleep, and a weekend in San Diego with treasured friends. Exhausting but fun.

three / favorite new nephew

In April, I spent two weeks at my younger sister's house awaiting the arrival of my second nephew, George Thomas. He wasn't on time, but he was perfect, precious, and remains so. What a blessing he is to our family.

four / favorite milestone

I'll never forget the day Ben took his first steps. After months of worry, twice-weekly therapy, telling myself it would happen, and doing it all with Nick on a ship thousands of miles away, I turned around in Ben's room one evening to see him look at me, let go of the ottoman in his room, and stumble into my arms. Within a week he was standing up on his own, and three weeks later he walked for Nick on the flight line. I'll never again take a milestone for granted.

five / favorite reunion

One of my top three days of all time, for sure: the 2013 fly-in. Our families arrived in town and we all headed out to the flight line, where the jets land. Nick's squadron was the last to arrive, and the moment couldn't have been sweeter. Eight months without someone definitely makes you appreciate the moment they return home.

six / favorite vacation

Back in January, my friend Courtney and I booked an adults-only couples vacation to Mexico for the end of May. The amazing thing is that it actually happened! The four of us did almost nothing for six days, and it was completely glorious. Guacamole, people-watching, afternoon margaritas, the Hunger Games on Kindle, magazine-swaps and fried Oreos served on fancy dishes. Yes, please.

seven / favorite project

I didn't have time to keep up with project life while Nick was deployed, so I put together a mini album documenting those eight months. This little album was a lesson for me: the way I document things doesn't have to be done perfectly. It just has to be done.

eight / favorite friends

This year I had some incredible experiences that reminded me of all the amazing friends I have, near and far. The photo I chose represents my friends in Lemoore. I've known some for years and some for just a few months. These are the people I see everyday, and I couldn't be more fortunate. Living on a military base is like college. With spouses. And kids. Basically, it's just a whole lot of fun.

nine / favorite family photo

This is a self-portrait taken on my iPhone while we were randomly lying on the guest bed upstairs. Don't know why we were all there, but I love how this captures the three of us. Hard to believe there will be a new addition in just a few weeks.

ten / favorite retreat

In August, we spent a week on a ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We were totally unplugged: no cell phones, no internet, no TV. No stress.

eleven / favorite boys

Watching Ben and his cousin, Charlie, grow up together has been incredible. They adore each other. They're ten weeks apart and two peas in a pod.

twelve / favorite news

We're having a baby. And it's another boy. 

Happy new year to you. I hope as you reflect on the past year, you find it was filled with blessings. And I wish you nothing but the best in the year to come. xo, C