upcycled DIY autumn door spray

Over the weekend, I broke out our two plastic bins filled with autumn decorations. How did we end up with so many decorative items for a season that really only lasts a maximum of two months out on the west coast, if that?

Well, I'm frequently lured by orange, gold and brown items lurking in on the sale shelves at Target and Michaels before Christmas. As I unpacked the bins, I uncovered some unused items and decided to "upcycle" them into some fall decor.

I used some french ribbon purchased at Costco eons ago, a command hook, some duct tape, a piece of thin, dark brown ribbon and some plastic "branches" that came from... I have no idea where (does this ever happen to you?). 

Arrange the branches so they hang the way you want them to. Then wrap a piece of sturdy tape around the branches to secure them.

Wrap the ribbon around the tape to hide it. Tie a loose knot.

Cut a few pieces of the wide ribbon. I used two different colors that I had in the house.

Affix the hook according to the instructions upside-down on the back side of your door. Measure the piece of thin ribbon to the length you want, loop it underneath the tape, through the branches, and tie it in a bow underneath the hook. Your branches should now be hanging on the front door.

Weave the extra pieces of ribbon through your loose knot.

Arrange the ribbon the way you want it to appear around the branches. You can just tighten the knot or add a bow using two the pieces of ribbon.

What unused decorations do you have lying around the house? Think outside the box before you purchase something new!