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I design stationery, so I almost always include a card with gifts. But cards always take a back seat when it comes to packaging because we hide them away in envelopes. Why? I love the designs of our set of occasion cards, so I used three of them to inspire the wrapping for three gifts: a congratulatory bottle of champagne, a set of personal stationery for a birthday, and a 'just because' gift for my nephew.

CONGRATS // I used 2 sheets of greenFINGERPRINT tissue (all orders from gF are wrapped in this pretty tissue - reuse it!), a piece of black raffia (you could use any ribbon) and our "congrats" card. Roll the champagne bottle in one piece of tissue. Set the bottle in the center of the second piece of tissue and pulled it up around the bottle, creating pleats. Wrap the raffia around the neck of the bottle, punch a hole in the card, and secure it with a bow.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY // The gift is a box of our personal stationery. Start by taping our "happy birthday" card to the corner so it covers the white label on the box. Tie the raffia in a way that highlights the "happy birthday... to you" text on the card. Tie a knot and you're done. No wrapping paper required!

JUST BECAUSE // For this package, I would have used a lunch bag but I didn't have one so I removed the handles from a gift bag. Add your gift and fold over the top of the bag. Punch two holes first in the bag and then, using those holes as a guide, punch matching holes in the card. Slide our "have I told you lately" card in the fold and add a ribbon. There's one light blue heart on the card, which I emphasized by reusing a light blue ribbon I saved from a baby shower gift. Loop it through the holes and tie a bow.

In addition to the gifts themselves, here are the supplies I used:

You can purchase the personal stationery set HERE and the set of occasion cards HERE. You can also purchase individual occasion cards HERE. Every gF order, except for individual cards, comes wrapped in the tissue I used for the champagne bottle. It's pretty and made from recycled materials (like all of our packaging), so I hope you'll reuse it along with other gift wrap items you receive throughout the year! Next time you wrap a gift, I hope you'll think about pulling the card out of the envelope and using it to inspire your design.

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