Custom Memory-Keeping

Your memories edited, organized, and documented in a beautiful photo book & video you can share and enjoy.


Where are your memories?

You know, the important ones: your daughter’s first birthday, your honeymoon, your nephew’s baptism, that insane trip you took to Belize.

Are they tucked in your nightstand drawer, stored on an old phone? Are they downloaded to an external hard drive or taking up real estate on your laptop?

Maybe you bought Cloud storage and they’re uploading every month to some nebulous folder, adding to a running total.

Maybe you share them with hundreds of friends on Facebook or Instagram every so often.

Here’s a question: If something happened to you, could your kids find those memories? Your spouse? Your sister?

Your memories matter enough to document them, but the process can be daunting.

That's where I come in.

I work one-on-one with private clients to organize, edit, and transform their memories into a beautiful photo book and video that document them.

My custom projects capture the essence of my clients’ memories.

I can help you translate what truly matters to you into a simple, modern, tangible project you can share and enjoy for years to come.

the Signature Project

up to 300 edited photos

You’ll select and share the photos with me, and I’ll make edits where needed to adjust lighting and alignment.


one custom photo book

I'll use your photos to design a gorgeous hardcover photo book, including custom-designed pages and layouts.


One video

I'll use a selection of your photos plus up to 15 of your video clips to create a 3-5 minute video documenting your memories.


Booking fall 2019 clients in early August.

Full Service Projects

in-person custom Memory-Keeping

Limited availability in California beginning Fall 2019.


Photo Organization & selection

I’ll come to you and organize your digital and physical photos and memorabilia, selecting memories to document with your guidance.


Project Planning

I’ll lay out a plan to document your memories from over the years, getting you “caught up” so you’re free to enjoy them.


Custom Design

I’ll design photo books and videos using your memories, so you can access and enjoy them for years to come.


Booking fall 2019 clients in early August.


Here's what the process looks like

We'll start with an inquiry call. I'll explain the ins and outs of the process and answer any questions you have. We'll talk about the memories you want to tackle, and address any additional work your project may require like photography, tech tutorials, or in-depth help with selecting photos.

We'll do the prep work. After you reserve your start date through a signed contract and 50% retainer, I'll send you a project summary, checklist, timeline, and exclusive video tutorials. You'll share the project materials with me via Google Drive, and I’ll be available to help you via email or phone in the weeks leading up to your start date.

And then we'll dive into the memory-keeping. On your start date I'll get to work as you watch your memories being transformed. Over the course of the next month, I'll edit your photos where needed, design the photo book, and put together your video. You'll be able to proof the book, request any changes, and approve the final design before I send it to print.

I'll hand off the finished product. On the last day of the project, I'll send you the edited images as well as the link to your video, which you're welcome to share immediately. Your printed photo book will arrive within a few weeks.

Not sure which project to tackle first?

When you start documenting your memories, the process can be overwhelming.

I recommend starting with one meaningful project:

  • your kids' school years

  • an epic family vacation

  • a wedding and honeymoon

  • your parent's life

  • the first decade of a marriage

  • a legacy project honoring a loved one

  • a pregnancy + baby’s first year

The project elements remain the same regardless of the scope of the project: 300 photos, one photo book, one video.

You pick the topic and I’ll help you put it together.


I’ll open up my client calendar this fall. Sign up to be the first to know when spots are available.

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