Hey there, I'm Catherine.

I'm the modern memory-keeper behind All The Best.


I help busy families transform their memories into modern projects they’ll enjoy for years to come.

It's easier than ever to capture the world around us, so we're taking thousands of photos every year.

And social media makes it a breeze for us to not only share our memories with hundreds of our “friends,” but also to witness all of their memories with a swipe and a scroll.

Those quick dopamine hits make us feel good for a minute, but I don’t think all of this online voyeurism is making us more content long-term.

Our real lives deserve more attention.

The truth is that many of us are struggling with comparison.

While we’re scrolling through everyone else’s highlight reels, many of us wonder whether our own lives, our own families, our homes, vacations, wardrobes measure up.

They do, I promise.

But we’ve got to put down our phones and practice appreciating our real lives in real life.

I believe our peace and joy are at stake.

We’ve got to identify what matters to us and then live like we believe it.

And one simple way to start doing all of this is through memory-keeping.

The practice of documenting our own memories increases happiness & gratitude.

We experience appreciation and a lessened feeling of comparison when we document our own best memories.

And memory-keeping encourages us to spend more time in our real lives by reminding us of the people and experiences that have meant the most to us over time.

We’re not “capturing” the hours we spend scrolling Facebook, but we’re probably capturing days at the beach, our kids’ milestones, and maybe even date nights with our spouse.

Those photos remind us what’s important, and encourage us to spend more time on what matters..

But where do we even start?

I get it. Very few of us have the time (or desire) to deal with this stuff, so it just accumulates.

Over time, all of that “sentimental clutter” - the photos, kids’ artwork, videos - adds up and causes stress and guilt and overwhelm.

Good news: If you haven’t done anything with your memories you’re definitely not alone, and you’re in the right place.

I design custom photo books and videos using your memories.

I can help you sift through your photos and memorabilia, identify what matters, get organized, and document those special memories in simple, beautifully-designed, modern projects you can share and enjoy for years to come.

My favorite projects are those big “catch up” projects. I can help you map it out, narrow down you memories, and put together something that’s meaningful and modern, something that will convey your story, something you’ll treasure for years to come.

My goal is to help you take care of yesterday so you can relax today and enjoy those memories tomorrow.

Sound good?




I’ll be offering full service and signature projects this fall. Booking opens August 2019.


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